Political Corruption

Political Machine:

The Political machine formed in a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid is the precinct workers and captains- they tried to gain voter's support on a city block or in a neighborhood, then report it to the ward boss.-He works to secure the vote in all precinct in the ward or district. They try to gain vot3es by providing service to the poor. the political boss controls the access to municipal jobs, and business license and influenced the court and other municipal agencies.


  • There wasn't enough loyalty voters and some political machine turned fraud by using fake names and signing them so they could win.
  • When political machines had their candidates in office they took advantage of different
  • opportunities for graft ( the illegal use of political influence for personal gain)
  • Political machines granted favors to businesses in return for cash and they accepted bribes to allow illegal activities to flourish.
  • They got away with this because the police rarely interfered, until 1890 and political bosses were fired.


  • Local government- the city council appointed a five member commission of experts to take over. Each expert took charge of different city department.
  • The city council , then appointed a manager, typically with training and experience in public administration.
  • Mayors- in general the mayors focused on dismissing corrupt and greedy private owners of utilities EX: gasworks, waterworks and then turned the utilities to publicly owned enterprises.
  • state level- many states passed laws to regulate large businesses

BY: Claudia Zelaya

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