Discrimination Against African Americans


  • African Americans faced informal discrimination called "racial etiquette" which regulated relationships between whites and blacks.

Other things that were regulated:

  • Unable to shake hands
  • Blacks had to stop at the sidewalk to let whites walk first.
  • Blacks had to remove their hats for whites.

In the South, African Americans who didn't obey the "racial etiquette" were severely punished or even faced death.
Between 1882 and 1892 more than 1,400 African Americans were shot, burned or hanged without trial.

Discrimination in the North
When African Americans migrated to the North they also faced discrimination.

  • They were forced into segregated neighborhoods
  • They were often discriminated in workplaces and were sometimes hired as last resource but were first to get fired.
  • Competition for jobs became very violent between whites and blacks.


  • Roosevelt appointed an African American as head of the Charleston, South Carolina customhouse.
  • In 1905 Du Bois and other advocates held a civil rights conference in Niagara Falls
  • The NAACP was founded which had over 6,000 members by 1914

By: Claudia Zelaya

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